Back from Italy, the gang moved into their new place in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. No one wanted to room with The Situation, so Sammi got stuck again. They soon hit the boardwalk. Snooki rode a mechanical bull, you can imagine the hilarity that ensued.

Snooki reunited with Jionni at a surprise welcome-back party at Captain Hook's. She was worried that her hook-up with Vinny in Italy had soured things. Snooki was dismayed to see the return of The Unit -- Sitch's buddy who supposedly saw Snooki hook up with The Situation.

Pauly made Deena jealous by smushing with Ryder, who previously smushed Vinny. The next morning, the two guys joked about riding Ryder.

After the premiere, it looks like another crazy season on 'the shore'.