The Ravalli County Sheriff’s Office is looking for a missing 56-year-old Stevensville man. Sheriff Chris Hoffman has more:

"Mr. Baumann reportedly left home around 10:30 a.m. on August 26 and told a friend he was going to go cut firewood in the Ambrose Creek area, east of Stevensville," Hoffman said. "That friend reported to us that Mr. Baumann was missing and he had not returned home by Wednesday, August 27. We were able to locate his pickup and Ravalli Search and Rescue responded."

Efforts to locate George Baumann were temporarily suspended until Thursday night. Hoffman said his office was following up on information received which could widen the search area.

"He is described as six-feet-four inches tall and 195 pounds," Hoffman said. "He has blonde hair and blue eyes and he is believed to have been wearing blue jeans and a shirt. We don't know the color, but the sleeves have been cut off. We're working on a better description and trying to obtain a photograph. When we get that, we'll send it off to everybody."

Anyone with information regarding Baumann’s whereabouts are asked to call the Ravalli County Sheriff’s Office at 363-3033.

Sheriff Chris Hoffman: