We decided to open the phones and social media to women and said they could ask us what they've always wanted to know about men.

We intend to tell the truth, it may not be what you want to hear but we are offering an INCONVENIENT TRUTH! Talk about "character revealing stuff".

Sample questions to get the thought process going:
Why do guys like to walk around all day after a shower wearing just a towel?
Why can't guys stay in the "friend zone"?
Why must you have the remote?
Why do men wear socks and sandals? (answer: it's nature's sign that he has given up trying to have sex with a woman".)

Phone lines will be open during my show on Wednesday between 2pm and 4pm. Call 406-549-1075.

We will also give you the opportunity to ask a man anything you want on social media and we will reply as much as we can Wednesday morning through Thursday morning. Hop onto our Facebook or Twitter or leave a comment below.

We promise to answer all of your burning questions during our first Ask a Man Anything Day.