A transient who listed his home as Hot Springs, Arkansas was charged with assault in Missoula Justice Court on Monday, October 21.

Justin Dwayne King, 24, appeared before Judge John Odlin via video from the Missoula County jail, and was charged with felony assault with a weapon, and misdemeanor assault that resulted in bodily injury.

In the felony charge, court documents state that King allegedly assaulted another transient, David Colaprete, by striking him in the head with a metal rod repeatedly. The misdemeanor complaint stated that King allegedly struck a female victim, Mozelle Stewart, punching her in the face.

Deputy County Attorney Patricia Bower asked Judge Odlin for a high bail.

"The state would request that bail be set in the amount of $50,000," Bower said. "This defendant is a multi-state offender. At the time of this assault, he was living in a transient camp, and based on the fact that he gave you a home address of Hot Springs, Arkansas, he does not appear to have any ties to the community, so I believe he would be a possible flight risk."

Judge Odlin agreed with Bower, and set bail at $50,000.

King was remanded to the Missoula County jail, and his next court appearance was set for November 5.