I recently came across one of the best, most straight forward articles I’ve ever read about relationships. Relationships can be incredibly difficult, for many reasons. We’ve grown up with fractured homes, fairy tale stories of unattainable perfection and happily ever afters, and a notion that the perfect person will complete you. Turns out, you can’t make someone else happy, if you can’t make yourself happy.

Here are Mark Manson’s six toxic relationship habits most people think are normal:

1.)    The Relationship Scorecard

2.)    Dropping ‘Hints’ and Other Passive Aggression

3.)    Holding the Relationship Hostage

4.)    Blaming your Partner for your Own Emotions

5.)    Displays of ‘Loving’ Jealousy

6.)    Buying the Solutions to Relationship Problems

Do have more 'toxic' relationships habits to add to the list? Leave a comment below.