re·tire/riˈtī(ə)īr/: Definition: To move back or away; recede. To cause to withdraw from one's usual field of activity.

#BeatsNotBeef. Is this new slogan slowly starting to resonate within our small Hip Hop community?

"When did it become cool to degrade other people for personal gain? At what point did being 'gangster' or 'hard' become a sought out way of life? I’m confused, maybe y’all can fill in the blanks for me." said Tyler Bugatti aka. Overtime from Missoula, Montana in his most recent blog.

While it's no secret that Overtime has led a tumultuous and extremely controversial life, could this be the start of a new chapter in the MC's life? Overtime seems to have drawn a line in the sand on both the life he was "ashamed" of and part of the scene that elevated him. A scene fueled by sizing each other up, degrading women and men alike while glorifying material objects, a scene which is now slowly starting to run out of excuses for it's defense. Now it looks like a handful of advocates that have propped this message up for so many years are hoping to now use their talent behind the mic and put it toward more spiritually rewarding avenues in the music industry.

"Through my actions and my words I’ll remain positive and hopeful for a successful career in this music industry. In 2012 I plan on giving back to the community I live in as much as possible through community service, youth guidance, and participate in as many charitable events as I can." Overtime continues, "I’ll be linking up with influential artists, DJ’s, promoters, investors, and businesses around the country who I believe will have a positive influence on today’s youth by giving them a role model we’d all like to have our kid’s look up to. Public speaking to schools, detention centers, churches, youth clubs, etc., will be a major part of the foundation."

Might this be the start of new beginnings for the local Hip Hop scene that has been under extreme scrutiny over the years? Will others follow suit? Sound off in the comments below.