"There are always people dumping animals in that parking lot. My wife and I have already picked up a dog there and someone dumped a bunch of tiny kittens in there that we couldn't catch." said a St. Ignatius neighbor in the area of the incident where we too had just found three discarded cats.

These cats were abandoned by our eye witness account, I know of one dog that was discarded there in which we rescued two years ago as well. Reports are also coming in about abandoned animals near the area on the AniMeals Fan Page as well.

Even today, followers of this story and AniMeals volunteers are still in that location setting traps to find the other missing cats that were left from a nearby farmers truck. We could not be more grateful. I hope we can someday rescue all the animals in that area which has been reported as "dumping ground" for pets.

AniMeals in Missoula came to the rescue for my family when a local kitten we found from the St. Ignatius area was discarded in that field. They are providing all of his nursing items including shots and neutering.

I paid a visit to this local shelter for the very first time and met with the organization that at first appears to be a cat shelter, but ended up being so much more.

AniMeals emphasized that they are there to assist with ALL living creatures and not just cats. They provided even 50,000 pound of dog food last year alone. They will accept all strays and make room for dogs and any other life that needs saving.