Think back. What movie theater was it that you went to see The Matrix? Or what about the theater that showed Back to the Future? The Notebook? Titanic? All amazing films, and you may likely remember the theater you went to see it at.

Who remembers catching a flick at the Cine 3 in Missoula? Or what about the Orpheum Theater in Shelby? And yes, even the Circus Twin Theater in Helena, Montana.

For me? My fondest memory of movie-going was seeing Alien 3 at The Strand in Kalispell. For some strange reason (even though the movie sucked) I remember the theater and the friends I went to see it with. The atmosphere, the popcorn. GOING to the movies makes the film experience all the more enjoyable...

Now it appears that people prefer to watch movies at home, leaving most mom and pop theaters to suffer as a result. So many small theaters across Montana have all but vanished leaving nothing but an empty large building behind. Yet those people who used to go to these classic cineplexes will STILL have those fond theater memories.

A website named CinemaTour has kept a great and very detailed history of Montana movie theaters including the status of the business (open, closed), a pretty decent picture gallery, and even if the places (that aren't demolished) are available for a tour.

CinemaTour website

It's a wonderful trip down movie memory lane. Visit the website and perhaps even help the creator with any photos or information you may have of abandoned Montana movie theaters as well!

We'd love to hear about YOUR Montana movie memories! Share below?