"Big men don't cry." Yeah, forget that.

Immediately following my emotion-filled interview with the father of cancer victim Cash Hyde I took a rare break away from the microphone to let loose the tears far from onlookers. To hear the story of Team Cashy and the journey they have been on over the past year would make even the most hardened heart break.

According to Newstalk KGVO:

Cash Michael Hyde was born to Kalli & Mike Hyde on June 21st 2008. When cash was 20 months old radiologist’s at Community Medical  Center discovered a 4.5 cm stage 4 brain tumor. After a long battle he beat cancer and is now in complete remission.The Cash Hyde Foundation’s  mission is to fight cancer with smiles, prayers, and positive energy  and provide information and financial support for children with cancer and their families.

Until today, I've only seen pictures of Cashy and have heard inspiring stories around town about this brave young boy. So when I heard that his father was going to join me on my radio show I simply assumed that this child would have been too weak to attend the interview. Much to my surprise, in walked little Cash! My first instinct? Kneel down and hold this young child in my arms. You can't help but feel that way when you see him. As a father of a daughter near same age this story hits so very close to home for me as I'm sure it might for any parent. However, I had to maintain my composure and power through the interview...

While the father, Michael Hyde, shed a little insight upon my audience on his harrowing journey, little Cashy was full of energy. The little rockstar was ducking in and out of the little cubby holes around the Zoo FM studio. You could honestly put this child onto any playground with other children and you'd barely be able to tell that this kid, just less than a year ago, was bed-ridden in unfamiliar hospital surroundings. Again, my first instinct was to play hide and seek with him but then realized it might be a bit difficult for a man who's nearly seven feet tall to go unnoticed.

Cashy's brain cancer is currently in remission and while many factors could be attributed to his success, things like excellent doctor care, an amazing outpouring of financial support and an entire Montana community rushing to his assistance I'd personally like to think that all of the above is absolutely and 100%  attributed to the power of prayer.

This child, who I'm so honored to have finally met, is actual physical evidence that miracles truly exist. No matter what religion you practice, you simply cannot deny the fact that when enough people put their mind towards a common goal amazing things can, and will happen. Cashy Michael Hyde IS living proof.

This Mothers Day, join Team Cashy for Live Music with International Reggae Legend Pato Banton and  Local Artist's, Kid Activities, Silent Auction, 50/50 Raffle and to  Promote Pediatric Cancer Awareness!

Time: Sunday, May 8th 12:00-6:00pm

Location: Ogren Park Play Ball Field

Free for all ages
Kid Friendly, No Alcohol, Family event

A celebration will take place, on Mother’s Day, to raise money for the Cash Hyde Foundation. The event will be free with donations suggested.