Are you a busy person with too much on your plate? Do you hold down more than one job, raise kids and spend entirely too much time handling busy work without a chance to unwind? Perhaps you'd like to rally up some friends and paint the town red like you did when you had the freedom to do so. Problem is, you don't have time for friends..and you are fresh out of paint.

Montana Kaimin to the rescue!

The amazing videographers on UM campus have managed to squeeze an enormous amount of footage of the thriving Missoula weekend scenery into one action packed video! Now you can live vicariously through the eyes of someone else on a whirlwind adventure of Zootown without having to waste your valuable time. From Caras Park activities, to local restaurants and pubs, tailgate parties at Griz games, and more!  and And the best part? No hangover the next morning! Enjoy all that there is to love about less than 5 minutes.