photo courtesy of Jason Shreder

The long, record-setting winter of 2013-2014 may finally be in the rear-view mirror permanently after Tuesday.

National Weather Service forecaster Jen Kitzmiller says the temperature in Missoula is expected to breach the 70 degree mark on Tuesday.

"Tuesday looks like it's going to be our warmest day," Kitzmiller said. "We are forecasting a high of 70 degrees for Tuesday, so it looks like some really nice spring-like weather here for the next couple of days."

Kitzmiller emphasized that the brief spell of warm temperatures will not increase the danger of flooding in the area.

"This warm spell is not going to last long enough to have a big effect on the rivers and streams around Missoula," Kitzmiller said. "Mainly because the low-elevation snows have already melted off, and it's just going to take a little bit longer for the warm weather to hit the higher elevations and melt that snow. At this point, we're not expecting any flooding."

National Weather Service Forecaster Jen Kitzmiller