Students across Missoula have wrapped up their final days and weeks of classes, and with all the sunshine we’ve seen this past week, summer is definitely in the air. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to partake in my favorite summertime activities. Here are five ways to enjoy the summer weather in Zoo Town:

  • 1

    Float the Clark Fork

    There’s nothing better than a lazy summer afternoon on the river. All you need is an inner tube, a group of friends, a waterproof bag full of tasty beverages and a cheap pair of sunglasses (which you will inevitably lose when you fall off of your tube in the rapids). Ah, the life!

    Photo courtesy of apermanentwreck/Flickr
  • 2

    Play in the fountains

    Missoula is notorious for its amazing public parks, some of which become even more amazing during the hot summer months. Whether you’re 5 or 25, I bet you can’t resist the urge to run through the giant fountains at Bonner Park when it’s 85 degrees outside.

    Photo courtesy of basykes/Flickr
  • 3

    Attend Out to Lunch and Downtown ToNight

    Is there anywhere more perfect than Caras Park for a huge outdoor party? It’s conveniently located in the heart of downtown Missoula, right next to the river trail, the Clark Fork river and Brennan’s Wave. If you’re looking for great food, great people and great music, check out these weekly events every Wednesday afternoon and Thursday evening.

    Photo courtesy of jshontz/Flickr
  • 4

    Go to an Osprey game

    I’m not a diehard baseball fan by any means. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever watched a full inning on TV. But taking in a live game on a warm summer night is a completely different experience. Plus, the concessions at Ogren Park are delicious. The Osprey's home opener is tonight, June 20, at 7:05 p.m. against Helena.

    Photo courtesy of Justin Brockie/Flickr
  • 5

    Eat Big Dipper ice cream

    Sure, Missoula’s favorite ice cream shop is open year-round, but frozen treats taste so much better on a warm summer day. And with so many scrumptious flavors to choose from — plus ever-changing specials — there’s always something that is guaranteed to make you smack your lips with satisfaction.

    Photo courtesy of johpan/Flickr