Tomorrow's the first day of Fall! I can't believe it's already here, it completely snuck up on me. How is summer over already?

Missoula's a great place to be year-round, but there's especially some highlights coming at us this Fall. Here's just five of them:

1. Homecoming Griz game and the parade on October 5th

2. The Rocky Horror Show LIVE!

3. Concert season finally slowing down, so you're not exhausted trying to hit four shows every week (is that just a me problem? Possibly.)

4. That brief period where the weather is a lot cooler than the summer but right before it gets unbearably cold (this should last ALMOST a whole week!)

5. Missoula drivers hopefully getting used to the new changes on 5th and 6th street without going crazy.

Anything you'd want to add to the list? Looking forward to fall or do you wish summer would just keep going a little longer?