Ladies, gents, if you are struggling with a bad breakup, here's a few indications that you may be that 'crazy ex' that both guys and girls might be afraid of...

According to SheKnows

1. You just never stop thinking about him or her. It's understandable after a first breakup, yet if that person just doesn't leave your mind a few MONTHS later, it might be time to get your head checked.

2. You stalk his or her Facebook and Twitter. Our advice? Block them from your timeline. It will only stir up sad feelings. Breakup with them? Breakup with them on social networks as well.

3. You always inquire about them from mutual friends. You always ask people in your mutual inner circle about them. Don't be that person, you come across desperate and quite frankly annoying.

4. You go out of your way to places where they might be.

5. You hold onto things that they gave you. Toss them! Burn them...anything to get them/him/her out of your life and mind for good.