When you think about Justin Bieber there are probably a few things that come to mind, his relationship with Selena Gomez, all the trouble he's been in lately, and of course - his hair.

We're willing to bet that in secret your mom loves Justin Bieber, your little sister loves Bieber, and you eventually got your boyfriend (who, sadly, isn't Justin Bieber) to catch the fever as well.

Lately the beloved Bieber's hair has been harder to keep track of than all the new singles he's got playing on the radio.

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    The Original Bieber

    This is the hair style we know and love on Justin; it's long, shaggy, and adorably messy.

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    The Refined Bieber

    Justin shocked fans when he tamed his trusses and went for a more sophisticated look back in early 2012. Cutting off his hair was for a good cause, though. He gave a lock to Ellen DeGeneres to auction for charity. The one lock of hair nabbed $40,688 for The Gentle Barn Foundation.

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    The Classy Bieber

    When Justin showed up to the American Music Awards with Selena Gomez on his arm and his hair slicked neatly back, fans couldn't help but swoon. Biebs showed everyone that he cleans up well.

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    The Brand New Bieber

    When you hear the word "pompadour," your first thought may be that someone is talking about a small dog; but you'd be wrong. It's actually the hairstyle J-Biebs rocked for almost a year. The haircut is basically short on the sides and long on the top. The pompadour has been really popular among other celebrities like Bruno Mars and Rihanna, to name a few.


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    The Inbetween Bieber

    Justin was just spotted sporting yet another new hairstyle, this time inspired by Skrillex. It's a mix between the Bieber we first knew with the floppy bangs, and the new Bieber with the short shaved sides. So far all we've heard from fans are mixed feelings.