If you are looking for an easy and heart felt way to say thank you to mom this year, we have four great ideas for you. Nothing says you care like something that is handmade by you, your mother’s favorite child. You can pick just one of these, or even all four, to make for your mom. They are things any mom would love to get. I know, because I am one.

  • Hand Scrub

    1 bottle of Dawn Olay Hand Renewal

    1 to 2 cups of sugar

    8 or 12 ounce Mason jar

    Fill Mason jar 3/4 of the way full with sugar. Pour Dawn Olay Hand Renewal up to the lip of the jar and then stir until well combined. Add a little more sugar and stir, repeat until the scrub has a paste consistency.

  • Lip Balm

    3 tablespoons cocoa butter

    5 chocolate chips

    1 vitamin E capsule

    1 small tin with lid

    Melt the cocoa butter, chocolate chips and vitamin E in the microwave and stir. Pour the mix into the tin, let cool and then place lid on the tin.

  • Body Butter

    1 cup coconut oil

    1 teaspoon vitamin E

    2-3 drops of essential oils

    8 or 12 ounce Mason jar

    Throw coconut oil, vitamin E and essential oils into a mixer and whisk for seven minutes. Now, scoop out the butter and place it into the Mason jar.

  • Bath Salt

    1 1/2 cup epsom salt
    1/2 cup course sea salt
    1/4 cup baking soda
    1 tablespoons liquid glycerin
    9 drops of essential oils

    1 pint Mason jar

    Toss all ingredients into a bowl and mix until combined. Scoop into the Mason jar and then put the lid on it.