Fellas, heads up. If you heading off to a first date with a girl and you are attempting to crack the code on how to get her into bed quickly, we hate to break it to you...it's going to take a lot more dates and a few other things to earn the green light.

Most women now require FIVE DATES before hopping in the sack. Also, there is a bunch of other things you need to check off the list as well. Here, according to this slightly shallow minded survey, are the 10 things women desire before they get it on.

1.  Five dates.


2.  Two gifts.


3.  Five messages on social media . . . meaning Facebook, Twitter, or a dating website.


4.  12 text messages.


5.  Five phone calls.


6.  Three movies.


7.  Seven kisses.


8.  Five meaningful conversations.  Which is probably the TOUGHEST one on the list.


9.  Four meals together.


10.  One bouquet of flowers.