Zoo FM is still searching for the “finest” in all of Missoula! Five unique categories await your feedback, and while we wait for yours here is the current tally in our “Finest Places” category. So far it looks like the finest place to get a great view of Missoula is Shadows Keep and the best place to hang out is at Cara's Park. Here’s an even more detailed breakdown..

Finest place inside to look outside

1.Shadows Keep

2.Finn and Porter

3.Snowbowl Ski Lodge

Finest place to act like a kid

1. Children's Museum

2. A Carousel For Missoula

3. Splash Montana

Finest place to grab a drink with friends

1. Iron Horse

2.James Bar

3.Sean Kelly's

Finest place for news



3. Missoulian

Finest place to just hang out

1. Cara's Park

2. Downtown

3. The Southgate Mall

Again, these are simply the most recent totals and not the official “Finest Places” list. Don’t like what you see? Let’s hear your opinions!  The deadline for your feedback is Monday, April 25th. Get started today!