The Zootown Arts Community Center, the ZACC, has grown leaps and bounds since it first opened it's doors in Missoula. However, many people still don't know that it exists or what actually happens there.

The ZACC describes it this way:

As a nonprofit arts community center providing facilities and expertise, the Zootown Arts Community Center delivers all ages arts education, fosters sustainable community development, and promotes accessible, life-enriching art experiences.

As a one friend puts it, the ZACC is a place for "freaks and geeks" to meet. And while that is true, it is incredibly family friendly and is powered by volunteers and generous donations from the community.

The ZACC has classes for children and adults, featuring pottery, print shop, glass fusing, clay, screen printing, ceramics, oil, drawing, music and anything art related. You could live at the ZACC for a full month and never get bored.

Many Missoulians who are members of the ZACC say that the staff there has become like family to them. There is a chemistry there that is very "Missoula" feeling and community oriented.

And this is where the youth rock camps were born. It all started with 'Girl's Rock Camp,' where grade school and middle school aged girls would get together to learn how to play instruments of their choice, write and practice original music that they created and finally, perform it as a rock group for an audience at the Top Hat. Pretty great, right? The experience has now grown to include 'Boy's Rock Camp' and a co-ed camp as well. And the shows at the Top Hat are truly amazing!

If you're a parent, you know that it's next to impossible to find a unique birthday experience for your kids in Missoula. The ZACC hosts amazing birthday parties where kids can get creative and dirty with silk screening and pottery and rentals are very affordable!

You don't have to be a member to enjoy all that the ZACC has to offer. Stop in with the kids to find out how you can create fun gifts for all occasions, screen print original art work on to t-shirts, participate in the annual Festival of the Dead parade and more. They are located at 235 North 1st Street West on the northside, next to Kettlehouse Brewing above the Orange Street underpass.