Remember when Zoo FM was broadcasting live on the streets dang near every day? Handing out prizes, signing people up for major giveaways, and doing our full radio show from the cockpit of our Scion XB? We miss those days, so we just had to bring it back. Now, with the help of our friends at Bitterroot Motors, 406 Motoring, and Farr Side Signs, 107.5 Zoo FM will be returning to the streets in our brand new, limited edition, 2011 Scion XB!

What you are seeing in this photo is the car that just drove off the lot today and we have major redesign (ie. "pimping") plans for this awesome ride in the coming weeks. 406 Motoring is re-installing the DJ turntables that slide out of the hatchback so we can have a dance party anywhere in town, plus we will be customizing the cockpit to allow our DJ's the ability to broadcast anywhere and everywhere around Missoula. Essentially, this new whip will be a fully equipped mobile radio studio! Imagine the possibilities..

Stay tuned!