I'm not sure if you've noticed but there's been a slew of groups sprouting up all over Facebook asking you to contribute to the phrase "You Know You're From Missoula If..". And unless you haven't been in this beautiful city for a while some of the comments from these Zootown-ians may go over your head. But for those who know this town well enough may get a kick out of most of these responses:

Robbi Paddock

You have ruined multiple pairs of heels because you ended up at a kegger in the woods...

Lexi Anderson

When you're just as likely to hit a bicyclist as you are a deer.

Michelle Moles

If you know what Cold Smoke is ; )

Kendra Cousineau

There is never a Friday morning you aren't hungover.

Johnny Bevins

all you crave is dragon's breath while your on vacation

Mike Watt

your wore mountain animals t-shirts before hipsters discovered them on Amazon.

Stephen Lanier

When people text and drive, or just drive like idiots. <_<

Jordan Andrew Williams

You know what a growler is and you like them filled with moose drool.

Jamie Spurzem

you remember "Kamotion X" And "The Y dances "

Lydia Alwaysbeautiful Weil

when you leave your keys in the car and the next morning it's still there

Heather Morgan McKillop

instead of looking out for pot holes your watching out for huge ditches in the middle of the road

Judy Fry

Monks Cave and Jeckle and Hydes got in even as a sophmore and played lots of foose ball

Libby Knutson

you sometimes feel overwhelmed trying to decide which trailhead to go hiking up today...

Nicky Jarvis Dilworth

If you remember people writing messages on the mountains before they were writing on Facebook.

Lawrence Johnson

If you have nowhere to eat a good meal after midnight.

Matthew Friend

If you spent more time drinking beer down by the footbridge than you did in class but still managed to pass.

Tazara Weilhammer

If you moved away and what you miss more than anything is looking down on the bell tower from the M... or hell, just looking down on the valley

Torrey Voigt

Marshal Mountain for PBR's and night skiing...back when it got snow!

Jessica Peterson

You remember where the Drive-In Theater was & you remember the last movie you saw.

Alexis Balentine

turning 21 doesnt mean anything, other than the fact no more mip's

Perry Deschamps

‎...if you take your vacations in the winter because nothing beats a Missoula summer

Judy Fry

If you remember ice skating down under the bridge next to the old municipal pool

Ha! Awesome replies, everyone. Carry on with this conversation in the official Facebook Group or add more below in the comment section. We will surely be reading some of these on the air this week.


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