A bill to address indecent exposure in Montana got some unforeseen media exposure after the bill's sponsor reportedly wanted to make Speedos and yoga pants illegal.

"Apparently Doc Moore who is one of our representatives in the Missoula area decided he wanted to outlaw yoga pants and Speedos," said Paul Marshal, one of the owners of Missoula's Draghtworks. "So we're offering a free beer to anyone that comes into Draghtworks wearing yoga pants or a Speedo."

Draghtworks wasn't alone. Missoula's Tamarack Brewing Company changed the name of one of their beers on Wednesday, February 11. Apparently, "Sip and Go Naked" apricot ale decided to take a more modest route to sales.

"We changed our "sip and go naked," said Assistant manager Ryan Pipinich, "We changed the name to 'Sip and Go Yoga Pants' and all day long we are selling that beer for one dollar a pint."

Tamarack also called Rep. Moore "Downward Dog" Moore on their Facebook page, continuing the yoga jabs.

Rep. Moore says that the journalist that originally cited him as wanting to make yoga pants and Speedos illegal misreported the story and points out that those words don't appear in the bill. "It's about intent," said Moore. "There's a time and a place for everything."

The bill was tabled in committee and was a response to a Naked Bike Ride, that occurred in Missoula in 2014.

Here are some UM students reacting to the potential legislature.