Yahoo has it's hands in the pizza dough... they have released the best pizza in each state. For each state Yahoo has picked one 'Supreme" pizza to reign as the best. Our neighbors in Washington have Serious Pizza as the top spot, North Dakota Rhombus Guys won the how about Montana?

It may come as a surprise, but having lived in Bozeman I can see the appeal of Cosmic Pizza with over 50 toppings...but not my personal favorite or top overall . Of course having lived in the Flathead the world famous Moose's Pizza wins for me, with Biga Pizza in Missoula a close second then I'll give Cosmic the third place title.

This is what Yahoo said about Cosmic Pizza in Bozeman: "With 55 ingredients on hand — from pepperoni to steak strips, peas, prosciutto, asparagus, and coconut — and sauces that include salsa, BBQ, and pesto, Cosmic might be Montana’s most customizable pizza. There’s a reason that Bozeman’s population of hippies, cowboys, outdoorsmen, and tourists flock here: there’s something for everybody"