X Ambassadors at the Adams Center last night was everything I wanted it to be.

It had been a while since I'd seen the band perform live, and they were even tighter than I remembered! Sam Harris, Casey Harris, Adam Levin and Noah Feldshuh put on a show that Missoula won't soon forget.

Sam Harris of course is crazy talented. Being the lead singer of the band his vocals totally crushed it last night. Then he blew everyone away with his mastered skill of the saxophone, guitar and drums. Seriously though, what can't he do?

But the whole band kicks major you know what! I mean Casey shreds the keyboard like no one else and Adam and Noah totally WORKED the guitar and drums!



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X Ambassadors kicked everything off with Jungle, and everyone lost their minds! It was the perfect song to start it all off!



Another highlight was when they sang Gorgeous and the entire arena turned the flashlight on their phones on! Gorgeous is my favorite song of theirs, and it was a surreal moment for me to be hearing it played live in Missoula, Montana. If you haven't heard it before check it out!


The show as a whole was totally epic. Can't wait for X Ambassadors to make more music and come back to us here in Missoula!