On Saturday night I met up with some friends to support our pal Allison and the rest of the 'Hot Flashes!' And what a game it was!

There were women getting put in the penalty box, icing calls left and right and don't even get me started on the game faces these women wore! Hahaha I mean one woman wore a paper crown on the top of her helmet and another wore a tiny cowboy hat... talk about intimidation! lol

But in all seriousness this was probably the most poilte game of hockey I've ever seen. And honestly it looked like so much fun!

We celebrated the Hot Flashes win with a nice cold brew from Kettle House (Bongwaters all around) and an after party at the Thomas Meagher Bar downtown!

All in all it was a solid Saturday night!

Nicole Wren TSM
Nicole Wren TSM