A Washington State woman is in custody after allegedly attempting to slash a Montana Highway Patrol trooper with a hunting knife, and then lying about her identity. 

Two troopers were also attacked by a pit bull during their attempt to arrest Iola Johnston on Sunday afternoon, February 22. Court records indicate that Trooper Derek Brown assisted Trooper Dell Aman with a traffic stop at Palmer and North Russell Streets. Deputy County Attorney Matt Jennings said Johnston attempted to attack Trooper Brown with a knife.

"During the course of the investigation, she basically took a swipe at one of the troopers with a large hunting knife," Jennings said. "Luckily, the troopers were able to step back and avoid injury from the knife attack. However, when they got Ms. Johnston out of the vehicle and were attempting to restrain her, a pit bull jumped out of he vehicle and bit one of the troopers, causing him injuries. Eventually, they were able to take the suspect into custody."

At her court appearance on Tuesday, Johnston, 45, was charged with felony assault on a peace officer, misdemeanor obstruction of a peace officer and resisting arrest. Substitute Justice of the Peace Travis Dye set bail for Johnston at $30,000.

The dog was seized by Animal Control, and Trooper Aman was treated for the dog bites at St. Patrick Hospital.