According to a new study by WalletHub, it's likely. The study included 45 states and DC and sadly, Montana came in 4th for "highest percent of high school students bullied on school property."

Their analysis results are based on ranking bullying prevalence, bullying impact & treatment and anti-bullying laws. So they did their research.

With tolerance and acceptance talked about so much in the news and media in recent years, I was surprised to learn that fist fights in hallways are still a thing. I recently asked a middle school student "do kids still fist fight at school?" and got the quick response, "oh yeah, definitely."

And then there's cyber bullying, which many times turns tragic. Here are more stats on Montana, with a higher numbers being good, and lower numbers representing more bullying.

Bullying Prevalence & Prevention in Montana (1=Biggest, 23=Avg.):

  • 4th – % of High School Students Bullied on School Property
  • 7th – % of High School Students Bullied Online
  • 18th – % of High School Students Involved in Physical Fight at School
  • 27th – % of High School Students Who Attempted Suicide
  • 10th – State Anti-Bullying Laws & Policies
  • 1st – State Anti-Cyberbullying Laws Requiring School Policy
  • 13th – Percentage of School Districts with LGBT Protections