According to new research courtesy of Wealth-X, these are the ten schools that have created the most billionaires. And sorry to say, our illustrious college did not make the cut:

#1.)  Harvard has fifty two graduates certified as billionaires, valued at a combined $205 billion. which does not even embody Microsoft's Bill Gates or Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg,  they WENT there however did not graduate.

#2.)  The University of Pennsylvania has twenty eight billionaires valued at $112 billion.

#3.) Stanford University has twenty seven billionaires worth $76 billion.

#4.) New York University has seventeen billionaires totaling a value of  $68 billion.

#5. and #6.)  M.I.T. and Columbia every have fifteen.  But M.I.T.\'s ar value a lot of . . . $114 billion to Columbia\'s $96 billion.

 #7. and #8.)  Cornell and Southern Cal have a total of fourteen. Cornell's total $35 billion . . . $3 billion more than U.S.C.'s

#9.)  Yale has thirteen billionaires valued at $77 billion.

#10.)  The University of Cambridge has eleven billionaires with a total of $48 billion.