By now you've seen the article on Facebook being shared that claims this winter season in Montana will be the worst on record. We went straight to the source to learn if we might have to crank up the heat and buy that really expensive North Face jacket...or if the whole thing is highly exaggerated. 

Speaking with award-winning meteorologist Mark Heyka from the KECI First Alert Weather team he says not to believe the hype.

"No, absolutely not. A website by the name of Empire News is a satire (site). In fact, last week they had a graphic that said Betty White died. Instead of "died", it was "dyed ". She dyed her hair last week..."

(click play to hear the interview with Mark)

Truth is, we might be expecting a much warmer and drier than expected winter due to this years El Nino pattern. Yet, the latest indication is that the pattern may be weakening indicating that we just might see an average winter in 2014.

Nice to know! Thanks, Mark. Carry on, Montana!