Ok, I'll admit it. A few years ago, I was tricked into getting a Tinder account. Am I embarrassed by that? Yes. Did I meet some interesting and rather entertaining people that I hope to never see or hear from again? Yes. But I also met someone who changed my life for the better.

A friend of mine shared an article from Cosmo with me this morning, and I couldn't help but sit back and think, wow, Cosmo is right (but when aren't they?).

The article talks about how women nowadays are embarrassed to tell their family and friends how they met their significant other. I suppose it could apply to men, too. Women, as the article discusses, hope to always have their fairytale story that their kids will ask to hear about all the time.

Proof: Once upon a time, a young, charismatic guy strolling the boardwalk struck up a conversation about philosophy with a pretty girl. Sweet, right? Well, his name was Charles Manson, and she became one of his cult members. So why do we place so much significance on these stories (especially since 38 percent of singles have met online or via mobile app, according to a Pew Research Center survey)?

"Thanks Disney!" Cosmo wrote...And I couldn't help but realize that no man was ever going to climb up a rope of my abnormally long, blonde hair into a castle window and sweep me off my feet. Sorry, gals, let's be real.

Love Illuminated Author Daniel Jones said, "People used to be embarrassed to say they met at a bar. That was like the Tinder of old. Now, meeting at a bar would seem so authentic by comparison." How right is he? Everything is at your convenience, no effort necessary.

Cosmo begged the question: Well, how do you deal with a seemingly weak story?

Well, you could, like many couples who met à la Internet, just make one up. "My girlfriend tells people we met at Bible camp, so then when we eventually say 'Tinder,' it usually gets a laugh," says David, 29, who has been with Ana, 26, for more than a year.

Whenever people have asked me how me and my boyfriend Eric met, we always went with an easy story like "Oh, we met in school." If you knew either of us that well, you'd know that he graduated before I was even a freshman at the U. You would also know that he was an HHP major whereas I am Journalism. He also didn't even go to school at the U...He graduated from the University of Great Falls. It was almost impossible that our two paths could have crossed. But who's keeping track anyways?

Cosmo concluded with a solid point.

The good news: By the time you sit down to tell your grandkids your story, it will probably sound a whole lot more charming than whatever space-hologram technology they'll be working with. Plus, like most stories, making yours sound interesting is all in the delivery.

From time to time, I'll make Eric remind me of how our first conversation started. Mind you, this was after I had deleted Tinder probably close to 50 times and I vowed I would never talk to the creepy stalker who wouldn't (or couldn't) take the hint that you weren't interested.

He was my last match, ever (before I deleted the app for good). And he made up something silly that related to my bio, and asked me: "DJ Yov, that name sounds super familiar. You're on the radio?" And the rest was history. Come to find out, this was after he stalked me on all forms of social media to try to get some kind of background information on me before striking up a conversation. We've been together close to a year now and he makes me the happiest woman in the entire world.

So to all of you who have heard the "We met at school," story from either one of us, jokes on you. We met on Tinder. And I'm not embarrassed to say it. It's not a matter of how we met; I'm just glad we finally did.