It's been a wild year for Montana, that's for sure. This state has wound up in the national news headline more times than we can count in 2013! But which one deserves the honor of wildest Montana criminal?

We've reported on a few in recent months, some more serious and controversial than others. So we figured it would be best to honor a criminal that was slightly less harmless. One that didn't deal with grim realities in life, instead one that made us read and go..."OK, now THAT was WILD." We also based our decision on what story had the most page views and shares on social networks. Any guesses?

Here is our pick...

In October, a 22-year-old woman in Bozeman. Montana was ticketed for a seat belt violation . . . because her two friends were having SEX in the backseat while she drove.

Read the full story here.

Do you agree with our choice? Or is there another criminal that sticks out in your mind?