According to Men's Health magazine, the drunkest city in America is Fresno, California. The least drunkest? Boston. Taking into consideration the data of DUI arrests, severity of DUI penalties, death rates from alcohol-induced liver disease, the number alcohol-induced car crashes, and frequency of binge drinking, seen below is the full list which also includes one very familiar Montana town.

The drunkest cities in America:

1. Fresno, California
2. Reno, Nevada
3. Billings, Montana
4. Riverside, California
5. Austin, Texas
6. St. Louis, Missouri
7. San Antonio, Texas
8. Lubbock, Texas
9. Tucson, Arizona
10. Bakersfield, California

The least drunk cities in America:

1. Boston, Massachusetts
2. Yonkers, New York
3. Rochester, New York
4. Salt Lake City, Utah
5. Miami, Florida
6. Newark, New Jersey
7. Durham, North Carolina
8. New York, New York
9. Fort Wayne, Indiana
10. Manchester, New Hampshire