The Missoula Chick that is "Killin' It" this week is Terisha Long, She is a business partner of the Elevation Production crew (in Missoula). She can be seen at every show they put on, dancing and having a great time. Not only does she get down she helps with all the logistics of the shows they produce, pulls the wallflowers out to dance on the floor with her magnetic charm.

At festivals, as part of the Yellow Tent crew, she can often be seen running around handing out water and hugs. She works hard finding the next local act to help bring up into the light and supporting artists and finding a way to get them and their work recognized at the shows. On top of that she is a wonderful wife to her husband Jacob a.k.a. Get Down, as well as mom to her two sons. She plays the role of mom to anyone who needs it, there is always room at her dinner table.

She always has a shoulder to cry on and an ear for listening. She is one of the greatest behind the scenes support we have ever encountered. Most people don't know who she is though they have benefitted from her hard work at many shows and those who do know her, love her. Props to her are much deserved!

Each week, we will feature a new Missoula chick that deserves some killer recognition. Perhaps you can help us choose who will be next?