Is there a well-known person or celebrity in Missoula you've met, only to hope that that situation was done over again? Perhaps an interesting first-impression, or an embarrassing moment that occurred when you were introduced? Maybe that high-profile individual did something so out of left-field that you were totally taken off guard!

I'll start... One time I was introduced to the person who played Monte Bear at the Griz games. I was hosting a party downtown few years back when someone came up to me and whispered "Hey, you know who that person is, right?" as they pointed to the athletic looking man socializing with a small crowd of college students. Curiously, I enquired only to find out that this young man was the person who donned the furry costume to pump up the sports fans!

Without hesitation, I grabbed the microphone and shouted "Yo! Monte Bear is in the house! What up, Monte?" while pointing in his direction. Cheers erupted while the young man's face turned red and darted toward the nearest dark corner. Was it something I said? Shortly after, one of Monte's friends walked up to me and reprimanded me for calling out the mascot. "You know that no one in town really knows who the real Monte Bear, right? It's supposed to be a SECRET!". Whoops. At that moment, it finally sunk in that I committed a cardinal (albeit un-written) college rule!

Yeah. Not quite how I expected THAT to go down. So, there you go..

Your turn!

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