You know it's always going to be a good time if Shakewell is performing! And this past Friday was no different.

Shakewell packed The Top Hat with fans who were both anxious and excited to hear new music from one of the best funk bands in Missoula! This particular Top Hat party was to celebrate the release of their new album Marzoula.

The band sure didn't disappoint! The new music was so fun and it got the whole place dancing along. But to be fair, this is the usual outcome of a Shakewell show!

The band describes themselves as "A funk brotherhood of lifelong friends and collaborators, Shakewell thumps out funk, neo-soul and rock n' roll!" After seeing their show on Friday I would have to agree!

Shakewell has already captured the hearts and tapped into the souls of its fellow Missoulians, but they are far from peaking as a band! Marzoula could be the key factor that takes this already amazing band to the next level.


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