I spent a few hours Saturday inside the new Ulta Beauty store in Missoula. There are 4,000 beauty products to try. And believe me when I say I spritzed, dusted, lotioned and painted my way through that store.

So what do you do with all those little perfume tester strips? Throw them away? Leave them in the bottom of your purse or a random coat pocket?

Here’s an easy way to make your car smell Ahhhh-MAZING… Just stick one or two of the strips in your air vent. My car still smells like Escada. YUM!

You can also recycle those tester strips by putting a couple in your sock or sweater drawer… Going on a trip? Put them in your luggage and when you arrive and unpack, you’ll be greeted by the rich scents of your jaunt through the fragrance isle.