"I miss Freemo's now that they have closed. No more chocolate pizza."



"My family misses Macy's downtown".

- Alice Parker, Missoula


Photo By Amy Liss Newwest.com

"Finnegans for a late night meal, yea, that's the stuff."

-Johnathan Richter, Missoula


"I really miss _________"

- You!!


If you've lived in Missoula long enough then odds are you've lost a favorite stomping ground. Let's look back upon the good times with an open, fun discussion about the great things that have come and gone. It doesn't matter if it's a restaurant, clothing store, heck, even a law firm (law firm?)..Let's reminisce.

In the Facebook comment section below, post which Missoula businesses YOU miss the most!

Authors note: thanks to Brent Reser for the poll topic!