Americans spend $6.9 billion each year on Halloween, with the average person spending $74 on the holiday. Much like Christmas, adults and kids alike love the Halloween season. Fun decorations, making kids' costumes, adult parties, and of course, the CANDY. With that said, what is the right age to stop trick or treating? I asked 13 Missoula middle and high school students ranging in age from 11 to 16-years-old, and here are a few of their opinions.

Bri, 14, Hellgate High

"I will probably stop trick or treating when I'm 17, but I have a little sister so if she still wants me to go when I'm older, I think like I would."

Ellie, just turned 12, Washington Middle School

"I LOOOOOVE Halloween! I usually start planning my costume during the summer, but mostly change my mind in October. I will trick or treat 'til they make me stop!"

James, 14, Hellgate High

"I usually don't spend very much time on my costume, but I love free candy, so I'll go this year, but I think you shouldn't go trick or treating if you're not in school."

Miley, 16, Sentinel High

"I'm pretty much over it, but my sister is in kindergarten and my baby brother is 2, so I will dress up this year and take them. I'll always take them, but I might stop wearing a costume next year."

Jordan, 13, Washington Middle School

"Dude, I'm going trick or treating, I don't even care if people think I'm too old. One time, some college kids came to our house all dressed up and my mom still gave them candy because it was funny. Anyone can go trick or treating, I think."

Holly, 11, Washington Middle School

"I have a special needs sister and she gets super excited for Halloween. She's older than me but I will still go with her as long as she's having fun. And I will even dress up, she loves it."

So it sounds like Missoula kids agree, the cut off age for trick or treating in costumes is 17-years-old. But, there are always exceptions, especially when it comes to siblings.