This is a questions that gets asked millions of times, during the holiday season. What do you want for Christmas. And it is interesting how when you get a little older your answer changes drastically. For most kids it's going to be some toy or the hottest new electronic on the market. And for lots of adults that will probably be their answer too.

For me, it would be to have my whole family together. It is so nice now-a-days to be able to Skype or video message on the holidays you can't spend together but it would be amazing to have the whole family together. With my family that isn't possible, my mom and one brother is in Arkansas, my dad and two brothers in Seattle, and my sister in Portland. It's also really nice that my amazing in-laws are in Seattle too. So I will be able to see most of my family, but to have them all together would be my wish.

Luckily next year we are planning a trip to Arkansas for Thanksgiving so I will be able to spend more time with my mom and brother then. Enough about me, what is the one thing you really want for Christmas?


    2016 Christmas Tree Lighting in Missoula