The fire danger in Missoula County and most of Western Montana dropped yesterday, September 7, after a cold and rainy Labor Day weekend. Missoula County Emergency Services Director Adriane Beck explains.

"Officials met on Monday morning to discuss fire danger level and it was decided at that time that that 'Moderate' was the appropriate fire danger level. Along with that, officials met later in the day, on Monday, to discuss stage one and stage two restrictions and the appropriateness of continuing to have those restrictions on forested ground and the decision was made that those hazzards no longer existed and it was decided that and it was decided to rescind all fire restrictions.

Although Stage one and two fire restrictions have been rescinded in public forests, fuels are still dry and the public should be cautious.

"Western Montana has a propensity to have all kinds of strange weather patterns that keep us on guard," Beck said. "It is possible for us to still see increased temperatures, so we encourage people to be careful. Campfires are allowed, but open burning is not allowed at this time."

Stage one and two fire restrictions are still in place on private land in Missoula County. County commissioners are expected to meet and rescind those restrictions on Wednesday.