Many Missoulians awoke on Friday morning to find that they had received a text from a local number that is, in fact, part of a scam.

The number as it appeared (no proof that this is the same for everyone) was:

It carried this message:


Call: 1-406-205-0069

In at least one case, the text was sent on Thursday night at 8:35. Please be warned, this message is NOT from Wells Fargo.

Wells Fargo customers that receive the message are advised to forward the message to Also, customers of Wells Fargo that may have given out personal data and fear their account may be compromised should call 1 800 869-3557.

The Missoula County Sheriff's Department says many have received the message, but that no one has been suckered yet, as far as they know.

"The call takes them to a recording that informs the caller that their card is expired or suspended and that they need to provide three items of personal information to reinstate their card," said captain Brad Giffin of the Missoula County Sheriff's Department. "The Sheriff's Office strongly discourages anyone from providing any personal information to anyone whom they have not identified as a legitimate company with whom they do business. It is always best to error on the aside of safety when getting these types of messages by personally contacting the business directly to determine the legitimacy of the information."

According to a Wells Fargo representative, the false number has since been shut down.