With all the hype about 'X-Files' returning to FOX for a limited mini-series, let's remind the locals in Montana about the episode that was based in Browning! 

Season 1, Episode 19 titled 'Shapes' wasn't actually filmed in Browning, instead the show was shot in and around British Columbia, yet still has that slight Montana-esque feel to it with the fog and mountainscapes in the backdrop.

According to Wikipedia, the plot of the episode centered around the killing of a Native American man.

Upon arriving in Montana, Mulder informs Scully that forty years previously there was a similar incident in the area, which was investigated by J. Edgar Hoover and became the FBI's first X-File case. The present killing appears to be motivated by a dispute over the ownership of a tract of land, although Parker claims that he fired on a monstrous animal rather than a human. Parker's son, Lyle, bears scars that lends credence to the story.

The Montana-based episode did not fair well with critics and the audience. Entertainment Weekly gave it a D+ calling a "garden-variety werewolf plot" that offered "nothing much to sink your teeth into". It also earned a Nielsen household rating of 7.6 with a 14 share.

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