It's Grizzly-Bobcat week, and KECI-TV will be airing a segment Thursday evening featuring yours truly, Peter Christian, on the influence of social media on the Brawl of the Wild.

NBC Montana reporter Emily Adamson asked me about how this game differs from others in the series, due to the turmoil the school, the football team, and the Athletic Department have been going through over the past year.

We spoke about the music videos created by Griz and Bobcat fans (that can be seen on this website) that add a bit of fun to the rivalry, but as I said to Emily while standing on the bear in the middle of Washington-Grizzly stadium, all that will disappear when the two teams battle it out for state-wide bragging rights.

Oh, and I got to walk up the tunnel into the stadium for the first time ever...gave me chills!

For my part...I picked the Griz to prevail by 3...38-35. We'll see! As Emily and I shouted, echoing through the empty stadium...GO GRIZ!!!

Peter Christian and KECI reporter Emily Adamson