These fit and trim Missoula motivators are asking for your votes to claim the title of the best personal trainer in town. It's the least you can do, considering that many of the readers who are visiting this page have literally had a life-changing experience with one of them. While some may not have made the cut in the nomination process, many of these faces are quite familiar and can be found pushing people to their limits at a gym near you.

So go ahead, vote now for your favorite! And make sure to share this page with your friends so they too can get in on the action. Plus, check back often to see the results.

Deadline: Thursday February 14th

Douglas Lefler - Access Fitness
Jamie Beeson - Lifestyle Fitness
Joy Kushner - Joy Training
Kayla Johnson - TNT Fitness
Kim Agnew - PhyZique Fitness
Matt Powers - Access Fitness
Mike Scialabba -Missoula Underground Strength Training
Stephen Pitts - Peak Fitness
Taylor Selig - Gold's Gym
Tom Mackenroth - Peak Fitness