A Montana Grizzly themed bar actually exists in Nevada! Who knew? Anyone from Montana heading to Las Vegas NEEDS to add this to their list of places to visit.

The Torrey Pines Pub is Missoula's home away from home. Adorned with Griz memorabilia, the quaint watering hole changes its name to Grizzlyville every Saturday during football season.

According to their website:

Back in 1992, while trying to please a couple of customers, Torrey Pines Pub was asked to show a Montana Grizzly football game. No one knew what had just begun. That simple request occurred just as the Grizzlies were beginning a decade of dominance in Div. IAA, which included two national championship victories. A couple of customers grew to a dozen, then two dozen. Before long we hit and past the century mark at a Griz-Cat game.


If you visit the bar during a game, you are likely to hear the familiar "Fiiiiirrrrst DOOOWWN, Montana!" and the rousing chant of "move them chains! move them chains!" Definitely some welcoming sounds for Missoulians and Montanans alike.

For more information about the bar that loves the Montana Grizzlies nestled inside Sin City, click here.


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