Yesterday, May 16, the University of Montana revealed that it was considering a location on East Broadway for the planned Missoula College rather than the much debated south campus location, which is on the university golf course.

The newly appointed President of the Associated Students of the University of Montana Asa Hohman says he still supports the south campus option.

"The students of the university still really stand behind the decision of the south campus and feel like it's a solid choice," Hohman said. "That being said, we appreciate the university doing its due diligence and looking into other possible locations, both for the benefit of the students in terms of what is in their best benefit as far as location goes and proximity to the main campus, and also in terms of community relations."

Right now, Hohman says he prefers the south campus location, but says it's hard to conceptualize the newly proposed location without a mock-up of what the east Broadway location will look like.

"The benefit for it being at the East Broadway location is that it would mitigate traffic problems for the neighborhood area of the south campus. But even though it is closer in terms of direct correlation to the University of Montana, it has physical boundaries like the river and no direct roadway. In that sense the south campus location is better. I think they're both very plausible locations. I think they both make sense from a student standpoint."

Another concern for students is a lack of student housing around the campus. The East Broadway location is where the university had planned on building more housing as part of it's Quality of Life Initiative. Hohman says he has not seen contingency plans for student housing if the East Broadway location is used, but says he trusts that there will be.

Asa Hohman