This is the story that just made my day. All of a sudden I feel like I have permission to inhale a Fuddruckers 1/2 Pounder each time I return from the gym.

New research from the University of Montana studied how we recover following a strenuous workout. The result? Eating food from fast food joints are comparable to protein bars and energy drinks. Perhaps even BETTER.

The people behind the study split athletes into two different categories, while both did a challenging 90-minute treadmill workout, one group would eat power bars, energy cubes, and Gatorade to get their energy back . . . while the other half ate pancakes, hash browns, hamburgers, French fries, and soda.

A couple of hours later they had both athlete groups ride 12.5 miles on a bike as fast as possible. Get this, according to the findings, what they ate made ZERO difference in how each performed! The ones who scarfed a cheeseburger and fries had just as much energy.

In fact, the ones who ate junk food actually had HIGHER levels of glycogen . . . which are your energy reserves.

Now, let's be clear....this does NOT give you a green light to pig out on  fries, burgers, and pizza.  They are still loaded with fat.  But they CAN get you through a workout just as well as an overpriced energy bar.

(Washington Post)