Institutional Research and Evaluation, Incorporated, named the University of Montana one of America's Best College Buys for 2013, and UM was the only Montana university on the list.

UM Provost and vice president for academic affairs Perry Brown said on Tuesday, September 24, that the selection reflects the value that UM offers students.

"Institutional Research and Evaluation is an independent research and consulting firm that really helps schools recruit and retain students, something they've been doing for 23 years," Brown said. "They listed us because we're a great value."

According to Brown, some of the criteria that scored UM so high included exceptional test scores.

"We have had increasing academic scores with our incoming students," Brown said. "Their GPAs, their scores on national tests like the SAT and ACT, I think that's what put us over the top on this. They say we're attracting top-notch students, providing them an excellent education at a very affordable price."

UM Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Perry Brown