Last one. I swear. Then again, probably not...

The real question is, "Why is the Harlem Shake so damn popular?!?".

It is of this DJ's opinion that the reason why this simple trap song has become a  nationwide dance craze is because

  1. It is so darn easy to re-create
  2. So quick to watch. Thirty seconds, and then you are on to the next one
  3. A blast to participate in considering it doesn't require any actual talent to perform. Just throw on a costume and go buck wild. That's a wrap!

Still, more importantly, doing the Harlem Shake gives a sense of community and overall belonging to something fun and team-oriented. On that note, it's so awesome to see people we actually recognize out in public unabashedly letting loose on tape. With that in mind, here are some students you often see with their nose buried in books around the University of Montana campus losing their mind to the Harlem Shake in their Media Arts classroom.