Saturday morning, my lifting partner and I decided we wanted to switch it up... We decided to take a Kickboxing class at Gold's Gym. When we arrived, the instructor was wearing a cute skirted outfit. I asked her what class she was was Oula... NOT KICKBOXING.

Katie and I looked at each other, and while a few others walked out, we decided to try something new!

And we had a BLAST! The teacher was amazing. Neither Katie and I are ballet dancer, nor are we incredibly graceful. Quite frankly, we laughed our butts off... Laughing so hard at ourselves. We missed a few steps here and there, but overall it was so much fun, even though we felt like fools.

Not sure what Oula is? The girls from say,
"Oula is an easy to follow, high cardio, dance fitness class for people of all abilities."

Watch this fun video of the dance craze that's Missoula's own.